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We offer our students 5 different possibilities for lodging in Sevilla during their course:

  1.  With a Spanish host family.
  2. In a student residence. (just in summer)
  3. In a flat shared with other students.
  4. In a private studio (minimum 4 weeks).
  5. In a hotel or hostel.

Accommodation in shared flats and with families 

A staff member will meet the student and take him or her to their accommodation. In order to help our students with any problem that might arise. Contact with the school available 24 hours a day. You will find the mobile number in your confirmation letter.


All our families that host Saint Gabriel’s students have been carefully chosen and are guaranteed to treat you well, offer quality food, wifi, and provide clean houses. Living with a family has various advantages. You will be immerse in Spanish Culture, creating your own intimate and personal connections with the food, routines and customs of your host family. It gives you the opportunity to practice the language all day long while expanding your vocabulary and improving your pronunciation. In short, it is the best way to fully integrate into Spanish life. This type of accommodation is offered throughout the year.

There are four possibilities for living with families:


Bbreakfast, lunch and dinner included.


Bbreakfast, lunch OR dinner included.


Bbreakfast, lunch and dinner included.


Bbreakfast, lunch OR dinner included.

  • Students must bring their own towels.
  • The family will provide blankets, sheets and duvets.
  • On thefirst day, students will receive the key to their family’s house in order to come and go as they wish.
  • Laundry once a week is included in the price. Ironing it is not included. 
  • All our families’ homes, similar to our flats, residences, and the hotels that we work with, are well located, close to the city center within a maximum of 15 minutes to the city centre and the school.
  • All our options have everything you will need to live comfortably and to enjoy a pleasant stay in Sevilla. If a student is not entirely satisfied for any reason in their accommodation, they should inform the school within the first three days of their stay and we will work quickly to find an alternative.
  • On the registration form, you should state the start date of your intended course and the start date of your accommodation.
  • Students living with host families, in hotels, or in the student residence can go directly to their accommodation upon arrival. They can have a taxi drop them off directly at the address listed in their confirmation letter.
  • Students living in shared apartments or private studios should phone the school mobile number provided in the confirmation letter to inform us of the approximate arrival time in Sevilla. If the student is interested, we also offer a pick up service. Consult the price list.