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In 1990, a young and enterprising woman called Eva L. Roncero bet for the teaching of quality English focused on the teaching of English and the preparation of official exams. With the enthusiasm of someone who strongly believes in her project, she started Saint Gabriel International Education in a small studio. In 2002, the gates of the center of Heliopolis / Reina Mercedes were opened. In successive years, she began to take charge of the English extra-school of some schools in Seville. In an almost exponential way, the volume of students grew, until in 2013 it became necessary to open another new center in Nervión.

Currently we work in the following centers of the province of Seville:

  • Saint Gabriel International Education Queen Mercedes /
  • Saint Gabriel International Education Luis Montoto / Nervión
  • Chamber of Commerce of Seville, PICE Program
  • Claret Sevilla School
  • Sacred College of Urgel Sevilla
  • IES La Raza School

Since 2008 we work teaching two languages as a second language: English and Spanish. We are ACEIA / FECEI center and accredited by the CERVANTES INSTITUTE. We have international collaboration agreements with the Universities Loyola and Eusa.

Our long experience with Erasmus + projects has led us to work together on international projects with schools, institutes and universities in Finland, Sweden, Holland and the UK.

English in company has allowed us to work with a long list of important companies in the city, providing us with a clear business vision and human enrichment.

Proud of being a Spanish, Andalusian and Sevillian enterprise that which main objective is teaching oEnglish and Spanish worldwide.


Contribute to the use of both languages, English and Spanish, as communication tool.


To be a reference in the teaching of languages in Seville being a center of quality, honesty and transparency being the school that accompanies its students and guides them.


The methodological basis of Saint Gabriel International is based on a communicative approach focused mainly on students understanding and speaking a second language which provides them with the necessary linguistic tools to cope with any real situation.

Our methodological line combines and integrates the specific preparation of exams and the practical communicative approach, which guarantees that our students learn while achieving their objectives. Monthly tests of timed exam simulations are carried out as part of the process of evaluation and personalized monitoring of the students.

In the groups of the Main Suite A2. B1,B2, C1 or C2 is still betting on the integration of the contents and structure of the exam in the classes naturally, although the emphasis in the preparation of the exam is more accentuated, In addition to including specific practice of examination periodically in the classes.

Our groups of students have a team of two teachers:

1 specialist in grammar and comprehensive reading + 1 specialist in communication skills for Listening, Speaking and Writing.


 From the management team is carried out an effective coordination of our extensive teaching team so that both the teachers of our headquarters in Saint Gabriel and those who work developing the activity around the city, do so with the same methodology, didactic and quality.

This is possible thanks to a careful planning of the annual programming and a personalized monitoring of the progress of each student.

In addition, the Saint Gabriel Studies Headquarters offers the following services designed to meet the needs of both our students and teachers:

  • Pice of advice to parents and didactic support to
  • Professional and methodological support for teachers, including advice on the choice of resources and teaching materials.
  • Coordination of the teacher rotation
  • Design of workshops, end-of-quarter or seasonal activities and


 We carefully select our teachers after carefully examining their credentials and conducting one or more personal interviews with them.

All our teachers are qualified native or bilingual teachers who have a long experience both in our center and in other language schools, enthusiasts of their work and committed to the students. We select the teacher of each group according to their specialty, (children, teenagers or adults).

In addition, the strongly international character of our staff encourages our students to think globally and open up to the world.


We work with a combination of traditional materials such as textbooks, exercises and auditions, along with new technologies such as videos, power point presentations, interactive websites, internet.

In our groups of 3 to 5 years, all kinds of visual reinforcements are used: games, puppets, flashcards, cards, play dough and toys that emulate real objects.

The groups of Young learners or the Main Suite groups (from A2 to C2) work together a textbook and a specific preparation book exams.

The editorials we use are highly prestigious and with widely contrasted results.


A long teaching career, a great human and professional team have made Saint Gabriel International have strong pillars and principles on which we base our philosophy:

  • Goodness: When we are good people, we get to be good professionally too. The world needs good people to help our groups of friends, families, businesses and society.
  • Happiness: We all work and study and live with anxiety and stress, letting ourselves be dragged along on countless occasions. However, if we do all of this with Happiness, we will find the key so that each day is unique. Fill in everything with your joy and make us feel happy. #theimportanceofsmilling.
  • Attitude: Fortunately, not all of us have the same capacity, abilities or intelligence. Our planet is full of unique people, all wonderfully different. So it does not really matter how you are if you have Attitude to learn, Attitude to face new challenges, Attitude for work.

And a basic motto and philosophy of life that makes Saint Gabriel a place for people who work with people: “Treat others as you would like them to treat you”, on which we base the respect between teachers, students, families and center.


We are very concerned about the environment and the use of plastics. That is why we educate towards an Environmental Education through language. It can be seen as a fun activity for children, trying to acquire knowledge about their environment and learn to respect it so that in the future they are able to manage their activities in the best way so that they are less harmful to the environment. Our school follows a green center policy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle